WaneScan GTX

WaneScan GTX

Lengthwise scanning of boards.

WaneScan GTX

WaneScan, our family of measuring and optimization systems for wood, also includes models for 3D measurement, optimization and edging of longitudinally fed timber. By combining the latest technology in longitudinal profiling with our proven optimization engine, we can offer a system that minimizes time, optimizes yield and maximizes production flow in your edging process.

Unmatched accuracy

By measuring from three angles around the board cross section, we provide complete, four-sided high-accuracy measurements.

Optimized output

The optimization engine is the brain of the system. Here, the edging decisions are taken in real time based on key parameters specific for your particular process. For optimum yield.

World-leading measurement technology

The scanner is equipped with sensors that are world leaders in profile measurement. From data, a 3D model is generated, describing board geometry.

User-friendly HMI

With the system comes a user-friendly HMI. Boards and optimized outputs are visualized in 3D. Easy access to all relevant parameters provides full and immediate control.