WaneScan AC

Measure. Grade. Optimize.

Measuring cross-fed timber at high speeds while maintaining accuracy is often costly and difficult. Therefore, ADEC has developed WaneScan AC, a versatile measurement system that can handle just that.

WaneScan AC

WaneScan AC is an intelligent measuring system that combines the measurement of the board with edge optimization, grading or sorting. This versatility allows the system to be adapted for the particular task you need in your production, whether it be edging, sorting or some other application.

Precision at high speeds

WaneScan AC is completely optimized for high speed measurements, from sensors and hardware to communications and analysis. While maintaining the precision, of course! The system delivers high resolution board profiles for each decimeter up to 6 meters, at speeds up to 120 pieces per minute.


The computing engine is the brain of the system, and can handle different types of applications, depending on your specific requirements.

Low cost of ownership

Touchless measurements require less maintenance and means less downtime. Remote service also contributes to a low cost of ownership.

We know how to measure

ADEC has been supplying systems for measuring cross-fed timber worldwide for a long time. WaneScan AC is our latest model and the result of carefully tested sensor systems.