ScanWare becomes our partner

We are proud to announce that we now enter into a partnership with ScanWare i Sverige AB. ScanWare is an established and well known company in the wood industry and has been a longtime sales and service organization for FinScan on the Scandinavian market.

ScanWare will be the sales channel for our systems targeted to the timber industry. In the first phase, it will cover the following:

  • WaneScan – Measuring, grading and optimization. Read more…
  • ScanMate – Intelligent measuring and dimension classification. Read more…
  • WoodLive – Real-time production analysis.

Systems will be added to this list, as our cooperation is further developed.

For us at ADEC this partnership is very positive. With a sales channel in place, we can focus more on what we do best, namely the development of intelligent measuring systems. It also means a faster and wider feedback from our customers, so that we can create even better solutions in the future.

Please visit ScanWare at


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