System development

Almost all industrial processes need an interface to the outside world. Sometimes a simple touch panel HMI is enough. But in modern systems, requirements are often higher than that. Advanced features for optimization, storage and analysis can provide a more efficient process. A clear visualization and a user-friendly GUI makes a complex process understandable and life easier for both operators and other staff. High-level system development to complement machine-oriented development enables all this.

At ADEC our objective is to develop applications with both functionality and design. We enjoy the challenge of combining compute-intensive tasks such as optimization, vision and 3D visualization with interactive, user-friendly interfaces.

Our technical platform for system development is the Microsoft .NET Framework. Programming is done mostly in C # and VB.NET and software runs on Microsoft Windows.

Let ADEC be your partner in the development of a process or idea. We participate in all phases from requirements specification, prototyping and implementation to commissioning.

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