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We are launching StickSorter!

Now we are launching StickSorter, a quality assurance system for the sawmill industry which will increase your stacker line performance.

Recurring disturbances in the stacker line is a bottleneck in many sawmills. Sticks circulate, are torn down or broken, and finally get stuck in the stacker machine. Normally, manual removing of poor sticks is needed to achieve a good flow in the stacker line. If not, downtime increases. Why not use time and resources for something better?

StickSorter ensures the quality of your sticks and automatically sorts out those not living up to your requirements.

Read more here: StickSorter

Upgrade offer: Increase productivity

Let us upgrade and future-proof your automation process this fall and we will buy back your old control system!

This offer applies to all of you who have a GE Series 90-30 control system today. The 90-30 system will be upgraded to the latest PACSystems RX3i technology from GE Automation and Controls. We offer four different upgrade kits depending on your need for performance and communications, all at a very reasonable price.

These kits enable customers to get higher performance control soultions that provide secure connectivity and operational insights. Without changing the installation wiring or footprint, customers get enhancements to their productivity, improve asset uptime, and lower lifecycle costs. And in addition to this, a Buy Back offer!

This offer stands until 1st of December 2016. Contact us to find out more about what it means for your particular operation.RX3i 04

ScanWare becomes our partner

We are proud to announce that we now enter into a partnership with ScanWare i Sverige AB. ScanWare is an established and well known company in the wood industry and has been a longtime sales and service organization for FinScan on the Scandinavian market.

ScanWare will be the sales channel for our systems targeted to the timber industry. In the first phase, it will cover the following:

  • WaneScan – Measuring, grading and optimization. Read more…
  • ScanMate – Intelligent measuring and dimension classification. Read more…
  • WoodLive – Real-time production analysis.

Systems will be added to this list, as our cooperation is further developed.

For us at ADEC this partnership is very positive. With a sales channel in place, we can focus more on what we do best, namely the development of intelligent measuring systems. It also means a faster and wider feedback from our customers, so that we can create even better solutions in the future.

Please visit ScanWare at


Söderhamn Eriksson places orders for scanners

We are now delivering two more measuring systems to Söderhamn Eriksson. WaneScan AC is an intelligent measuring system for cross-fed wood, combining high resolution profile measurements with optimization and visualization. The system is designed for high speed applications, from sensors and hardware to communications and analysis.

Read more about WaneScan AC…

In these delivieries, Söderhamn Eriksson uses our systems as integral parts of Catech 4000 TS, that sets a new standard for high-performance edger optimizers. Its capacity of up to 75 boards/min proves that Söderhamn Eriksson is leading the market for edging technology.

Read more about Catech 4000 TS…

Ten systems to MiTek

We are happy to announce that we are now supplying a full ten new systems to one of our largest customers, Mitek Industries.

ADEC delivers automation and industrial IT to MiTeks production systems for the building components industry. This round of deliveries includes the following systems:

  • MiTek Revolution High Speed Posi-Joist Press (1 system)
    • Fully automated high speed posi-joist press.
  • MiTek Mark-2 (2 systems)
    • Compact high power press for truss production.
  • MiTek Mark-1 (6 systems)
    • Rugged, versatile and dependable table press for truss production.
  • MiTek Athena (1 system)
    • Fully automated, fast and modern four blade component saw.

MiTek is the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art engineered products, and services for the building components industry. As a partner, ADEC has helped develop many of the production systems aimed at the European market.

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Follow us at in 2016

Things will start to happen at our website in 2016.

For starters, we will increase activity here on the news page, presenting at least monthly news updates with information that should be interesting for both existing and prospective customers.

We are also now in the process of launching our complete product catalog online. This will take some time because our product range is broad. The goal is not only to showcase our products, but also provide relevant information on specific products, and guide you in your application. Since many years, we are proud integrators and resellers for GE Automation & Control. Their control systems and industrial IT platform certainly challenge competing systems such as Siemens, Mitsubishi and ABB. So make a visit to our new online store!

ADEC is an innovation-driven company, and this shows in our portfolio of proprietary systems, particularly in industrial measurement, optimization and machine vision. Our existing customers have been aware of this for a long time. But now we will present our solutions here on our website as well, so that customers and partners really can see what we are, what we do and can be of assistance with.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New 2016. We look forward to new exciting projects and partnerships. See you!

GT-X measurement system shipped to Latvia

When Söderhamn Eriksson is now delivering a new Catech 400 edging system to Latvian customer Smiltene Ipmex, it is equipped with ADEC measuring system WaneScan GT-X.

WaneScan GT-X is a high speed 3D profiler for boards fed lengthwise.

C6k GT HMI R01

We are proud that Söderhamn-Eriksson, being a world leading supplier of edging systems to the sawmill industry, chooses to partner with ADEC regarding measuring, optimization and process visualization.

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